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Nasze usługi w zakresie projektowania, pomiarów oraz audytu sieci bezprzewodowych wykonujemy w oparciu o nasze wieloletnie doświadczenie w pracach nad sieciami bezprzewodowymi typu enterprise: Aruba aka Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise.

We provide services with the use of Ekahau Site Surveysoftware and hardware and we finish each service with a fully professional report.

WiFi radio planning

Wireless Network radio planning using Ekahau Site Survey professional software. We can estimate distribution and position of Access Points to plan signal strength, with no interference between channels and with proper network capacity.

WiFi Site Survey

Measurement and analysis of problems in wireless networks in offices, production halls and warehouses. Our many years of experience allow us to suggest changes in the configuration of controllers from all leading manufacturers of network equipment.

WiFi security audit

Wireless security audit allows you to verify the security status of your wireless network. We check suspicious activites coming from rogue networks and also from third party site. We offer also configuration wIPS / wIDS systems.

We know everything about wireless networks

Solving problems of current functioning wireless networks and designing new efficient wireless networks with high capacity are the two basic services we perform as WiFi Audit.

We are a group of experts specialized in measuring, designing, configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks. It is a very narrow specialization, as well as the experience gained directly from equipment manufacturers, allows us to solve the problems we encounter in production solutions at the customer's site. 

As experts, we will carry out complex troubleshooting of the wireless network for you – we will not only perform RF measurements of the environment, but also analyse the communication in the L1/L2 and L3 layers of wireless devices. Keep in mind that not every company with Ekahau will know how to fix your problems in the wireless network.

Audyt WiFi – What makes a different?

In addition to standard services that allow our customers to solve their problems with wireless networks, as WiFi Audit we want to provide our customers with knowledge and experience. As a standard, we offer an audit discussion with an explanation of the principles of designing, configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks.

Każde spotkanie z naszymi klientami to także transfer wiedzy, którą możemy ale także chcemy przekazywać w celach edukacyjnych.

WiFi Audit – Deferred Payment for Services

We are confident in our skills, experience and knowledge, which is why we offer our clients deferred payment..

We will issue an invoice for the services rendered only when the customer's problem is finally solved (when ordering the service WiFi Site Survey). Our clients receive a guarantee of proper performance of the service without any financial risk.

WiFi Audit – Independent Consulting

By purchasing WiFi Radio Planning you will receive a list of Bill of Materials (BOM) from several network equipment manufacturers selected by you or by us. The statements will be prepared for your network requirements and tailored to your budget. As independent consultants, we do not want to mediate in the purchase of equipment, but help you find the best possible offer on the market.

By purchasing wireless network design you can be sure that your network will work properly on the hardware and software designed by us, and the offer prepared by IT equipment resellers will be the most beneficial.

As Audyt WiFi we do not act as intermediaries in the sale of WiFi equipment, so we can maintain our independence, which is appreciated by our existing customers. Anyone can sell you solutions from Aruba a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, but we are the only ones in Poland who are 100% independent.

Whats the cost?

The valuation of wireless network audits depends on many factors, in particular the number of Access Points, the type of solution used, and the measurement area. Most of the inquiries from our current and potential customers can be grouped into two predefined packages:

In addition, please remember that you will pay for all the services provided by us only when your wireless network will work correctly.

Project package

PLN net 2400

  • max 2 floors
  • up to 2 .dwg files
  • up to 10 000 m surface area
  • 1 final report
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Mini audyt package

PLN net 3600

  • 1 piętro
  • up to 20 Access Pointów
  • up to 5 000 m surface area
  • 1 measurement
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Best Practices for WiFi - BLOG

What can I change myself? What are the most common mistakes during designing and configuration of wireless networks? The answers to those questions are in our blog… but sorry it's only available in the Polish language.

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